There's Always Tomorrow...


(image available for digital download here.)

(image available for digital download here.)


I woke up this morning not wanting to touch a thing on my list. 

We just got back from a long weekend in Michigan and the last thing on my mind was falling back into routine. I skipped my morning yoga class, shortened my meditation practice and am writing this very post wondering when it will all be over so that I can go back to doing nothing. 

Because as much as I've felt inspired these past few months, my creativity gene is spent. I'd love nothing more than a mindless job that allows me to go through motions and clock out by 5.

Well, not really. But today it sounds nice.

I've had sluggish days like this before. In fact, I have them all the time. I've heard many other creatives do: writer's block, creativity stints etc.

As much as I'd like it to, my brain doesn't always want to play with storylines and narratives. Sometimes getting myself decently dressed for a trip to the grocery store is work enough.

My typical mental response to moments like these is: "I'll get to it tomorrow." It's a polite way of blowing my Type A self off. And buys me more time with about half the guilt.

But today I decided to add a subtle twist to the whole thing, and for the sake of transparency, I thought it was worth sharing.

"I'll get to it tomorrow, but who/what can't I wait to get to today?"

I'm a true believer that every day of life should be an adventure. From taking walks around your neighborhood to trying your hand at a new hobby, there's no task too mundane to help you see the world differently.

So today, instead of putting more things off in my life (because lord knows the list is far too long already) I've decided to focus on making room for something else. To use this lapse in inspiration to stretch my creativity in another direction, to muster excitement in an unexpected area of my life. In hopes that when I return, I'll have far more creative ideas than I began with.

Here goes...

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