An Ode To The Mundane.


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When people reflect on their lives, they often hop from one big moment to the next. Moving out of their childhood home segues nicely into the first day of high school followed, thereafter, by accepting their admissions letter to college.

Few people like to talk about scanning emails, picking up groceries or the monotonous walk to and from work each morning...unless, of course, it involves a surprise alien invasion.

And why would they?

Chances are if it's not exciting to live, it won't be exciting when you retell it to others. And yet, it's where we spend 90% of our time—in the thick of mundane routine.

Today, I woke up, went to yoga and now I'm sitting down for my morning writing session, just the way I always do. There's nothing particularly exciting that I have planned. I'll probably move from my bed to my couch at some point to switch from blogging to fiction writing, but that's about it. 

Matthew will come home after work, we'll eat dinner and eventually we'll end the day reading our respective books before we go to sleep. 

Like I said, nothing exceptional.

I'm writing this "story" as much for myself as I am for who ever is reading this. Mostly to serve as reminder that while momentous extremes are surely exciting, most of my life won't be spent there. The large majority of my years, months, and hours will be spent passing time on days just like these. 

It won't feel like movement, but it is—slow and steady. I probably won't talk about this day at my next dinner party or networking event.

And yet, today will serve as preparation for the highlight reel I'll proudly recall some years from now. It will be clumped together with other mundane hours and offered as an example of great perseverance and determination, moments where quitting felt far easier than carrying on.

So on days like these, routine as they are, unromantic as they may be, I silently smile in anticipation of the big moments to come.

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