Talent vs. Completion

I sat down to write my first book when I was 16. I spent the entire week typing and deleting, typing and deleting. One month later I finally finished the first chapter. Ten years later, I'm still working on the first draft. 

The concept has changed, the voice has gotten stronger but there's still only one chapter—with 50 iterations. I've got 50 first chapters, a killer ending and no middle. 

For every flashy career there are thousands of talented entrepreneurs, singers, writers and artists wondering why they haven't been discovered. Why others with lesser vision and insight are making millions. Why everyone else got a shot when they didn't. 

My dream was always sitting on the Oprah Winfrey show, in a beautiful pair of Jimmy Choo's hot pink book cover in hand, straight up Carrie Bradshaw style. 

But for every amazing painstaking first chapter I've written, every piece of work I'm sure has at least some smidgen of talent in it, I have no finished books to my name. Nothing to pitch. Nothing to sell. 

And in this arena, I'm beginning to find that often times it isn't necessarily the most talented folks rising to the top. It's folks (with talent, yes) who most importantly have the willpower to finish. To see a venture through from beginning to end. 

Dreams are blinding when we don't implement them. Perfectionism is no better than procrastination. Having a great idea is far less honorable than sifting through the weeds of actually bringing great ideas to life. 

Today I sat down to write my 51st first chapter. Cheers to the unchartered territory of finally embarking on Chapter 2.

Amina TaylorComment