Here's What They Don't Tell You About Trying.

Here's what they don't tell you about trying. 

If you try, you'll likely fail. At least at something. Probably the first few times.

You'll scrape your knees. Your heart will take a blow. Someone will close a door. 

If you try, there's a chance no one will follow. No one will read your book. No one will try your product or sing your praises. 

If you try, others will surely have things to say. They won't always be kind. But know that the unkind words come from a place of fear—a fear you didn't create, a fear that's not your job to fix.

If you try, you may fall short: scraped knees, wounded heart and all.

It is true, if you try you may not ever reach your goal.

But if you don't try, dear friend, I promise you, you never will.

Amina TaylorComment