It'll Probably Happen Again. You'll Be Fine.

It'll probably happen again. That dip in energy, the soul sucking insecurity,  that all too familiar itch for change.

Scratch that, it'll definitely happen again, but then, like everything else it will pass just as easily. 

I've spent the past month riding the wave of an incredible high. We traveled to Zurich on a whim and quickly thereafter, I packed my bags for a 10 day meditation retreat on the gorgeous nature preserve my city spirit had been craving.

As is true with every other high that I have ever experienced in my life, I was sure as all hell, it would never end. I'd be full forever and sit idly by while my life continued on the upward trajectory I'd always envisioned. 

Then reality sank in. I remembered that the real world has crosses even the best of us can't avoid like paying taxes and waiting in grocery store lines. I remembered that others will have bad days. And as quick as I was to judge, that I would eventually have them too.

I was reminded that perfection is a lofty pursuit but rarely a viable option.

I felt robbed and betrayed. I sulked more than I should have. I threw my hands in the air wondering how on Earth I got duped yet again. 

And then like magic, the dust settled. Paperwork was handled. Lines progressed. Somewhere in between bitching about aggressive city drivers and a sad attempt at applying Buddha's wisdom to pushy sales associates, I found peace.

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