Ideas Worth Acting On

As a creative, I have ideas all of the time. Some of them spark conversations, some of them are better suited for my imagination, and the rarest (but arguably most important) of them all are worth acting on.

As a kid and even well into my college years, I used to imagine every single idea as a gift. In many ways they are. But just as not all gifts carry the same weight in sentimental value and meaning, I'm finding that not every idea is worth my time, resources or brain power. 

The truth is that if we really acted on every single idea that came our way, frankly, we'd run out of time. Our world would be filled with half assed projects, all of which, "seemed wonderful at the beginning" but left far more destruction in their wake than opened doors. 

In an attempt to settle my way into adulthood, a huge part of growing wiser, I suppose,  has been mastering the art of deciding when to act and when to sit still. In watching ideas pass me by, then carefully selecting which imaginary world I'd like to seek out next. 

I've been a creative thinker for most of my life. And though I don't regret the paths I've taken, both bountiful and fruitless. I think, at least in this moment, I'd like to try creative executor on for size.

Amina TaylorComment