When Most Things Go Wrong

Today wasn't an exceptionally bad day. It wasn't extraordinary either. I was particularly sluggish getting out of bed this morning and, among other things, made the mistake of buying old pork...yea it smells as bad as you might think. To top it all off, it's 90 degrees on a September afternoon. And unlike many of my peers, my capacity for dealing with heat is synonymous with that of an overweight English Bulldog. With the pork kaput and already severely dehydrated, I still had a visit to the local farmer's market on my list and a dinner to remake.

It could have been better. It also could have been worse. 

I had a yoga instructor who once opened the practice with these words of wisdom:  "Whatever you are experiencing right now is preparing you for exactly what you asked for." 

Admittedly, in the moment, I found it trite. Yea right. I asked for no job security and the most stubborn muffin top known to man.

Now, I find myself returning to these words often. Mostly to remind myself of the role I play not only in choosing my joys but also in selecting my problems, intentional or not.

You see, it's far easier to brush off our problems by saying, "these things happen to everyone." But in reality, they really don't.

Even on my walk back from the farmer's market today, I pictured my best friend in my shoes. She's not a fan of recipes with more than 5 ingredients and craves structure more than anyone I know. She'd hate my problems. That's exactly why she's created a life far from them.

Nope this bad-boy list of issues has my name written all over them.

I wanted more freedom in my career, which has left me with more time to pursue other passions like learning to cook. It's also saddled me with the need to maintain a budget and think on my toes when 20 dollars worth of pork ribs goes down the drain. 

Perhaps I'll read this in a year and tell my past self to piss off because my worries will feel "so much more complicated than spoiled pork and sweaty walks to the market." But that's what makes resiliency so funny. It's a muscle. And just like every other muscle, it needs to be exercised slowly and gradually.

So I guess if today was practice for what's ahead, I'd say we're off to a decent beginning.

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