so tell me, will this be the month that changed everything?

Good. The world needs you. Each of my packages are monthly intensives designed to help you commit to your message and grow your platform like a pro. Equipped with experiential pre-work exercises and 5 hours of 1-on-1 coaching, you'll walk away with the roadmap you need to grow your messaging platform efficiently, confidently and without sacrificing a dime of self respect.

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Whether you're searching for a money topic to land your next book deal, crafting your signature talk debut for an upcoming conference or want to publish an article in a specific area of expertise, I'm here to help you play BIG.

I'm not interested in the nitty gritty of your writing. I won't come after you about commas or talk to you about the rampant misuse of semi colons--although I know some brilliant copywriters + editors who absolutely will! 

I'm here to help you make other people feel something.

And the quickest way to do that, is by putting more of you back into your writing and speaking.

Together we'll focus on topics like tone, word selection, storytelling approach and, most importantly, how you want to be seen and valued by your audience.

I'm here to help you lean further into yourself, your own wisdom and succeed as the truest, rawest, bravest version of yourself.

I won't settle for less. You shouldn't either.