Nice to meetch ya

Hi there, I’m Amina! I’m a writer, illustrator & sassy yogi currently setting up shop in Chicago, Illinois. After years of suffocating under the “grow up,” “get a stable career,” “set up a 401k” rule book and devouring just about every self help resource the Amazon Kindle shop has to offer, I decided that becoming the flawless guru I’d always dreamed of wasn’t the only path happiness had to offer.

This is the home of my blog, The Messy Bits, where I share, well, the messy bits of my life—one faux pas after another. You won’t find fashion tutorials or nifty how to’s. Those aren’t really my thing. Just honest stories about growing up, getting older (and more senile) one day at a time. So, ready to ditch that rule book & embrace the sh*t, giggles and inevitable screw ups that come with being a real life adult? Except that whole 401k thing, I hear that’s actually pretty cool.